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Restoration of Monuments and Artifacts

About Us

The primary focus of our company is the conservation and reconstructive restoration of traditionally stained and leaded glass paintings. We specialize in undertaking restoration projects for both historic and modern buildings, ranging from grand cathedrals to the smallest parish churches. Additionally, we work with museum collections, art galleries, and private collections.

Our workshop also offers a comprehensive consultancy service that includes technical and art historical analysis, research, specialist site surveys, and photographic documentation. Furthermore, we specialize in the complete design of stained glass windows in both traditional and modern styles. Our expertise extends to decorative glass, as well as the conservation and restoration of archaeological and contemporary ceramics, glass, and porcelain objects.

In addition to our commitment to continuous professional development, our primary objective is to promote the exceptional beauty of stained glass to a broader audience!



Nóra Nagyváradi

glass artist, art restorer and siliceous objects conservator
(+36)70 604 4546

Mihály Kozma

graphic artist, glass painting artist
(+36)70 779 4646